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New book! New book!

Posted in Writing by grx20 on September 9, 2008

Navtej Sarna's new book
Navtej Sarna’s second novel, The Exile is scheduled to be released this month!
Naturally, I’m excited like a parrot on steroids.

Sarna is one of my favourite writers. His voice is unique, and … wait, wait, don’t get me started.
Read my earlier post for more about him and his first novel.

The Literary review of The Hindu (September 7, 2008) has a small excerpt from The Exile. Read it here.

In an earlier interview, (from Anglo Sikh Heritage Trail), Sarna had revealed his second novel would have a historical theme. The Exile, is about Maharajah Duleep Singh, widely honoured by Sikhs as the last Emperor. In Sarna’s own words, “… this fictionalised account reveals the tragedy of a man who went from being a King to a supplicant, who changed his religion twice, who had a late realisation of his lost destiny and was ultimately unable to return to his land and people. His life is one of the most poignant chapters in Sikh history, as well as the history of British India.”

Penguin India has a little more on the book here.

And lots more from The Telegraph here.

To be honest, the premise of the story doesn’t exactly give me goose bumps. His first novel, We Weren’t Lovers Like That, was deep, probing and haunting. But a historical? Will he be able to pull it off? I’m not too worried about not liking it. I’ve not worked myself into a ‘must-like-sarna’s-books’ frenzy, but I’m nervous.

I’m really looking forward to another lyrical excursion into human foibles, political skullduggery (as spokesperson of the Ministry of External Affairs, he knows a few things about it, I’m sure), and his style which was best described by Vikram Chandra as ‘shimmering’. These things, shouldn’t change, no matter the theme.

But 450 bucks for only 264 pages! Jhumpa Lahiri’s short stories are longer! 😉


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