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‘Are we there yet?’

Posted in General by grx20 on September 17, 2008

Indian Writing In English and the Booker and all that. We’ve ranted about this for years now, and the end is nowhere in sight. So … no, we aren’t there yet!

Speaking of Booker Prizes and Indian Writing In English, Meena Kandasamy has an interesting article on her blog. Read it here.

In it, she talks about the current trends in Indian Writing In English, the kind of qualifications that ensure a book’s success, the marketing and media hype that surround it, and predictable (and much bemoaned) cliches that seem to affect Indian Writing In English.

Why don’t Indian writers try something new, she wonders – though not in those same words. And I agree with her. Apart from the odd Samit Basu and Ashok Banker, the majority are content to tread familiar ground.

Like I said, much of what she has written has been discussed threadbare for many years now. But the fact that people are still talking/posting about it is a clear indicator that things haven’t changed and we’ll be doing this for some time to come.


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