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The Hidden Writer

Posted in General, Writing by grx20 on October 8, 2008

A friend of mine has started blogging recently. And since she commented on a post here at The Mutt, I clicked across to her blog. I mean, it’s the polite thing to do, right?

I read her posts and – to borrow a phrase from some famous writer whose name I can’t recollect – I felt like I’d been smacked between the eyes with a wet fish.

I never knew she could write so well. It was witty, interesting and had substance as well. I’d worked with her for two and a half years and not once did I get the impression she was a good writer. Suddenly, one fine day, the hidden writer decided to step out of the wallpaper. Perhaps one needs to reach critical mass, a breaking point that will forcibly evict the Hidden Writer from the shadows.

There are some I just hope reach that point real quick. Terrific writers, who for some reason or the other do not pick up the pen or sit at the keyboard. 

But now, a toast to the Hidden Writer.

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  1. Kayla said, on October 9, 2008 at 4:23 am

    I, too, would like to toast the hidden writer. I enjoyed reading through some of your thoughts about writing. I find it difficult at times not to always return to writing about writing. But I’m really glad to hear that someone shares my fondness for writing with a typewriter. I’ve run into a problem though: my ink ribbon has run out and my typewriter is too old for anyone in stores to know how to help me get a new one. Any suggestions?

  2. Jo-Naathan said, on October 10, 2008 at 2:24 pm

    Who is the Hidden Writer?? Is it me?? Is it ?? Is it?? It’s me, isn’t it? I am the Hidden Writer !!!

    Jokes aside, I think you are absolutely right to bring out the point about the Hidden Writer. I have long suspected there is a Hidden Artist inside all of us. Some of these Artists are painters, writers or cartoonists. Any field. Even lawn mowing. I guess the key is to be inspired to ‘create’ and stay ‘inspired’ in that endeavor that feels right.

  3. the mutt said, on October 10, 2008 at 5:42 pm

    Hi Kayla,
    That’s a tough spot to be in – i can only suggest that you keep checking with various stores if they have a ribbon. Perhaps searching on the net might help … you’ve probably tried that already. Another thought – don’t know if it’s possible – is there something on the net which is a DIY – on getting your ribbon back in shape?

  4. the mutt said, on October 13, 2008 at 5:13 am

    Hi Jo-Naathan,
    The key is to be inspired and motivated. But I feel, before that comes the discipline and the effort. Like Stephen King says, you need to report to duty everyday at the same time … and then the muse will do his magic. That said, you are right, any task, even lawn mowing can be made beautiful. I recall, John McLaughlin said something similar. Thanks for dropping by.

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